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  • AAZ took its first step in 2009 as an exporter of high fashion Men’s, ladies & kids sweater,& any kinds of knit woven determination to manufacture outerwear and sweaters was probe to the demand of fashion garments in the industry. As we moved from season to season not only did fashion trend changed but the customer’s expectation of yearly fashion did so as well. This is why in our unique design we aim to provide our customers with INNOVATIVE, CREATIVE, WOW and SENSATIONAL products, that is sync with today’s trends.
  • AAZ comprises of a high quality of nylon, down fill, suede, poly fill, leather, real and fake fur jackets, etc. The label sweaters consist of rayon, viscose, nylon, cotton and acrylic.
  • For Infiniti Outerwear this line have of a lighter quality of cotton, nylon PU and poly fill, but this does not mean we forget about fashion. This line was structured for making a fashion statement but not being “broke”
  • We have export various buyer products in the,U.S.A., Canada, South America and Europe with our buyers’ targeted price, quality but we are not stopping there, the ladder of success holds no end.
  • Over the years we have grown and still are growing and now we have increased our product line to light weight cut and sew tops and faux/shrilling suede vests.jerssy, knit.
  • We do a large percent dedicated to private labels and have staffed designers and quality team which will swiftly respond to design and sensitive requirements.
  • “AAZ Fashion is where fashion meets inspiration.”

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