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Secured Housing is a birth right of every human & as well as fundamental right S M Aabashon Ltd. a dynamic and realism name emerged in 2008. The company appears with different commitment by applying update techniques Of modern concept & healthy living.

Combining practicality with functional and aesthetic qualities, the contemporary styled S M Aabashon Ltd. is a unique satellite town planned around a stunning neighborhood of capital Dhaka. It promises tranquility, security and accessibility, a place where community living is enhanced by lush open spaces tastefully decorated by invigorating pedestrian walkways and smooth thoroughfares. For those who demand the ultimate in waterfront Living, S M Aabashon Ltd. offers the very best. A perfect place to live with expansive water views of the river Sitalakhya and the lavish landscaped greenery surrounding the development where the dwellers will enjoy the serenity of nature.

As S M Aabashon Ltd. managed by a team of qualified and competent Architects, Engineers and Technicians for smooth and timely completion, planned on the doctrine of an independent self Sufficient satellite town.

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